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The 2015
                  Jetta TDI..."That's a DIESEL?"  is a popular question received by TDI owners. Very few Americans look at a sleek new car and think about it being powered by a diesel engine. Until somewhat recently, Volkswagen-Audi was the only group to offer diesel powered passenger cars in North America for less than $30k and the only diesels rated for over 40 mpg. Diesels have their benefits. Even when I was a bit of a leadfoot, regularly towed a trailer, and competed in SCCA events, my 1998 Jetta's lifetime average economy over 450,000 miles was about 45 mpg. I could get over 50 mpg simply by DRIVING THE SPEED LIMIT. My best tank was 909 miles on 14.55 gallons, yielding 62.4 mpg... all with a bit of self control... NO SPEEDING. My newer Jetta TDI is currently averaging just over 41 mpg. Sure, it's not as efficient as older diesels. But, remember, it's heavier, more powerful, packed with amenities, and has cleaner, smoke-free exhaust. I've learned that 50+ mpg is still possible... it just takes a lighter touch on the accelerator. See more details regarding my fuel economy at FUELLY.COM. :-)

Fuel Price GIFDriving a diesel is a good route for SAVING MONEY on fuel. Personally, I like the idea of sending less of my money to the Middle East. ECU reprogramming yields a very easy 30% boost in horsepower/torque and can even increase fuel economy by ~5% (if you can keep your foot out of the floor). With such an upgrade, you'll be driving as much torque as your V6 counterparts, but with double the fuel economy. It's safe to say the TDI is the best performing ECONOMY CAR on the road today by far. I like the TDI so much that I now have THREE OF THEM! Click here to read more about MY TDI's or choose other links below.

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