Our SillyCats

     Joanne and I have always been cat lovers.  We adopted both of our cats fromthe SPCA in April 1996.  Their namesare Callie and Cookie.  Callie was born in March 1996.  She waseight weeks old when we adopted her.  We picked up Cookie one day afterCallie.  She was about one year old at the time.  The two didn'tget along at first.  Callie was a curious kitten and Cookie was a scarednewcomer.  Callie always wanted to play, but Cookie wanted nothing todo with her.  Since Cookie had a five pound weight advantage, it waseasy enough for her to convince Callie to go away.  In fact, we evenkept them separated when we weren't home to watch them. Callie had one day'sseniority over Cookie and she used every hour of it.  She constantlytested Cookie.  Eventually, she was big enough to hold her own groundagainst Cookie.  Callie is in charge to this day.

Callie in one of her short-lived well-behavior moods.    Callie is a small, short-haired, aggressive cat.  She'svery playful and outgoing.  She's also very nosy.  She's theself-proclaimed head of the household.  Everything must go her way. No one is allowed outside unless she gets to go out and play, too. No one is allowed inside until after she gets to greet them at thedoor.  After that, she decides whose turn it is to pay attention toher.  Also, everything must go according to Callie's plan.  IfCookie is sitting with one of us, Callie suddenly feels the need to sit exactlywhere Cookie is.  If Cookie is eating, Callie is suddenly hungry.  Ifthings are quiet, she makes noise.  Forget about "sleeping in" peacefully. Callie's favorite pastimes are playing with her rabbit fur toys, pickingon Cookie, and causing various disturbances in general.

Cookie doing what she does best... lounging.    Cookie is a medium sized, medium- haired, gentle cat.  She'svery quiet, passive, and timid.  Her SPCA card said "Stray."  However,it's more likely that she was abused, then abandoned.  She's very mucha "don't call me - I'll call you" kind of cat.  She likes to be petted,but only for a moment.  Then she runs away.  She's your best friendif you have food in your hand.  It's amazing she's not overweight. Her favorite pastimes are sleeping and begging for food.  Shealso enjoys prancing around and playing with toys if Callie will lether.

     This is Cleo, short for Cleopatra.  Shewas about 3-months old when we got her.  An aquiantance found her ina trash can and was unable to keep her.  I found her to be very pretty,so I kept her.  I most likely will not fall for that trap again. ;-)  Three cats is definitely enough.  Cookie was afraidof her at first, but now they play with each other.  Callie has hatedher from day-one.  Cleo used to get attacked at least hourly.  But now sheholds her own.  She weighed only two-pounds at first. But now she weighs more than both Callie and Cookie.  Callie is still the "Alpha Kitty," but Cleo doesn't take as much flak from her as before.  In fact, Callie now takes anxiety medication.  Being "in charge" of Cleo must be STRESSFUL!   ;-)

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