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No mosquitos allowed...        Mosquito Control Racing is a side project to StealthTDI.com that's dedicated to promoting the use of diesels in competitive driving events.  Most of the diesels in the group were produced prior to the latest breed of "clean diesels."  Translation: THEY SMOKE...  ;-)  The idea started in 2004 when I first started autocrossing.  I was stopped on course because someone thought something was wrong with my car due to the smoke.  That was after other diesel-related errors such as the inspector saying, "Where's the throttle cable?"  "Diesels don't have throttles" was not what he wanted to hear.  Instead, he asked, "Is this drive by wire?"  Yeah, that's it!  ;-)  Anyway, it didn't take long before announcers started referring to me as the region's mosquito control vehicle.  Those who don't understand the label may refer to the photo of a mosquito control vehicle below.

        I competed for a few years with small "ODR Mosquito Control" banners on my car ("ODR" stands for SCCA's "Old Dominion Region").   In 2010, I decided I wanted to be a bit more creative.  So I had new banners made and created the graphic on the right (lifted the mosquito from the 'net).  I started off with the idea of making this a solo endeavor, an inside joke among local autocrossers.  But I decided to invite fellow diesel competitors to join the fun by sharing at Facebook.  This is no professional team; nor am I pushing an agenda.  I'm in this completely for the fun of it.

Image of a mosquito control vehicle...       This page will likely remain a static web presence just so we can be found via search engines.  The majority of our activity and discussion, if there is any outside of a competitive environment, will take place on Mosquito Control Racing's Facebook Page (see banner below).

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